WordPress Speed Optimization

Speed of any Website Is very very important because of More Traffic, Loyalty, visitor, Site viewer etc. Every user Seeking of Faster website, Fast load time and excellent user- experience. It’s also rated in google ranking for the faster-optimising website. To get more visitor to the website it’s should be faster and user-friendly. Nowadays competition is in the high, lot of website so to stay in the online market must need to make Website faster than other competitors then Get more user and visitor of the faster website, more user give more earning, so Should be investing for the faster website, because everyone wants faster anything. Google also ranked SEO where the user search More time for the faster website, once any website gets first in the google ranking it’s getting a huge number of visitor and user of this website. To optimise the website faster It’s must be considered to invest and doing Very important things for WordPress speed optimization.  

Number one, Super Hosting

Hosting takes a very important role to make the website faster, because hosting server load pages content to the website URL link. WordPress Website depends on the Hosting server speed response time if the hosting server is fast your website will be faster. So its need for WordPress speed optimization.

Number two, Content Delivery Network

Content delivery network Is very effective to make WordPress website faster because it’s a collection of the server Location geographically, it’s most effective for wider user. Content delivery Network delivers the content within a time when the user request for the Website URL. So its need for WordPress speed optimization.

Number third, Minimise request

To make the website faster  it’s very important to reduce HTTP Request, because it makes the website more loading to into the website, it’s Spent fetching the page element for more loading in the page. So if the HTTP request Reduce in the WordPress website it’s will be more faster than before. So it's Required for WordPress speed optimization. So its also, need for WordPress speed optimization.

Number fourth, Image Optimization

To make your WordPress Website faster you should Optimize the images by resizing images or reduce the image size, compress image resolution, right image format, and combining images into CSS sprites. Decreases images size make website faster load the page URL. So its also very need for WordPress speed optimization.

Number Fifth, Caching

Using of caching Also make your WordPress website faster, because caching combines the dynamic and statistics content by using the Right way of caching configurations then it’s will be Reduce the slow loading page and make it faster. So Java script, PDF fie, CSS, Images and media file, must be used in an appropriate way because these are the main resource of Caching. So its very need for WordPress speed optimization.