Types of Crime


Crime is the name of things where some people doing unlawful work which is punishable in act of law, doing illegal work, illegal identity, cybercrime, murder, abusing, rape, hijacking, smuggling, stealing, robbery, sexual harassment, are the unlawful act and these are a crime. Describe below various type of crime.

White-Collar Crime:

White-Collar crime is doing by the fraud who are also professional corporate worker by gain trust of people and also doing this crime by force to the people physically and mentally. There are different types of White-collar crime such as include wage theft, fraud, bribery, Ponzi schemes, insider trading, labour racketeering, embezzlement, cybercrime, and also copyright infringement, money laundering, identity theft, and forgery. Though the Lawyers are justice for the people they also can specialize in white-collar crime. These frauds or criminal do this type of crime by the shelter of their big boss. This type of crime done most to the business deal. They make a deal the business with people and make them in a trap and take benefit from them. This crimes main purpose is to make billion of money in a short time from big businessman, business firm, and company. White-collar crime is done by the highest status persons, businessman and Government person also. The employers technically and forcefully Embezzlement the employee's rights to their wages. It’s a big crime for them to embezzle workers wage and bamboozle them though work properly by the employees. By the false statement of driving licence, fake passport, false travels document also the White-collar crime happened and get benefited by the wrong identity. 
Bribery is the well known white-collar crime where most of the people doing this crime to know it another name is hidden such as tip, discount offer, commissions, promotion and more and more lucrative offers to other people. This crime happens by different types of an e-commerce site, website, texting, social media, and phone call also to embezzles other one and make a deal to get the benefit. It’s a given take fraud like leaked the examination question paper before the exam by taking a lot of money from a candidate or from their guardians. 
Corporate Crime:
Ponzi scheme is also the white-collar crime where the riches high-class people invest in the scheme and get the payout from other investors. This is a billion of money fraudulent by other to other. Like one person invest and this investment's benefits go to other previews investor when other investors lose in the game they lost their all investment in a moment. So it’s a trick to gain a lot of money in a short time by this big crime. 
Internal Crime:
Insider trading is also a big crime in share business. This crime happened to the shareholder in their share and bond, this crime doing by the inside employees of this share market. Some of the fraud or criminal leaked the future price pf the share to some of the shareholder who is gain lot of money by invest and who are not involved in that crime they suffered lot for this crime, they lost their all investment and sit on the road by this crime, so it’s a big white-collar crime by leaked inside information to out. It’s happened when any price will be raised in future and some inside fraud or criminal leaked this information some shareholder and they purchased this product in a low price and in the future sold it at a high price for leaked this information before, and many investors get a loss by this investment. 
Racket Crime
The racket is also a white-collar crime, where the fraud offers to solve an unusual problem to others by phone call, texting, email etc. And the criminal charged for to solve this unusual problem and also hack many accounts details from the people and get huge benefits from them by embezzling them. The racket exists as both the problem and its solution. It is an illegal crime organisation who are involved in this crime are a criminal crime with general people. In the racket crime, the criminals use the name, number like legal organization. To trust them.
To embezzled others property the criminal makes the illegal copy of documents and other legal issues. In this crime, the criminal wants others to property his/her own illegally and make false legal Statement copy to eclipse other property.
Property Crime:
Property crime is common worldwide. This type of crime mostly done by the young criminal influenced by any gang or gang leader who gives them benefit. Most of the property crime are motorbike theft, jewellery theft, money theft, and valuable costly things are hidden in the house. This crime happened without harm physically, many unprofessional people doing this crime. Most of the criminal is doing this type of crime for drug addiction, they broke many security systems by their instrument and technic and do this crime.
Crime without Victims:
This crime is doing unlawful and illegal against the government. In this crime the criminal harm himself and influence others to do this crime. Take drugs, prostitution, make pornography, gambling, illegal drug selling etc. are the type of this crime. It’s also called consensual crime. In this crime by taken drugs illegally is a crime, and make pornography by girls and boys both of them are the criminal of this crime, pornography is also the big part of this crime. They come in the front of screen and show their everything to public and make public innocence very badly harmful so it’s a big crime. And gambler is also doing crime to go in the bar and gambling with each other to waste of time and money, they also make huge black money for gambling and it’s come in the public hand so it’s a big crime also for any state.
Cyber Crime:
Cybercrime is a very harmful and hard punishable crime by the cyber-criminal. This crime happened from any country remotely from anywhere. With this crime, a criminal can harm and destroyed a state. By this crime, they can leak any important issues or information of state to other states. Cybercrime can hack someone bank account details and withdraw whole money from him. In this crime, criminal can hacked government documents and theft all things and can sell this to other countries. Cybercrime doing by the computer and network to hacked someone information and blackmail them to make huge money from them, even the child also the victims of this crime and make them in prostitution even make pornography and abusing them sexually. Cybercrime main purpose is to make huge money in a very short time. This type of criminal makes billion of dollar by few of victims. Because of their main focus to the rich and established people.Cybercrime created by individual and group also.
Every illegal, unlawful, punishable activity are the crime, it will be a bigger or smaller crime. So who are doing these any types of crime are criminal, and they should punish by the law and justice the victims who are infected by these criminals. And always the government and all the people of any states should be concerned about these types of crimes and criminals. The younger students should be attentive to their study and guardian be aware of their children and family to protect from drugs, prostitution, and any types of crimes. Government should take responsibility of these crimes and protect the state from criminals activities.