Top 5 Sea Beach in The World

1. Hawaii - The Big Island

In Hawaii, the Big Island is like the sometimes awkward older sibling. Forgotten in favor of adorable little brothers and sisters, her attributes are often glossed over. Maui is for fun and families. Oahu attracts surfers, parties and outdoor adventurers. Kauai is for romance and luxury. And the Big Island is just … big.  Majestic is more accurate. Geographically unique, the Big Island boasts everything from black sand beaches to snow-covered peaks, from hardened lava deserts to steamy and lush rain forests. And it's still growing. The Big Island's trump card – the active, fire-spitting Kilauea volcano – has been increasing the island's land mass since 1983. During the most recent eruption in May 2018, volcanic activity caused eruptions, earthquakes and the collapse of the Mausoleum crater. It's true that if you arrived here hoping for a stereotypical Hawaiian getaway that's full of luaus and a honeymoon-ques atmosphere, you've probably missed the mark. But the hiking trails and state parks that are here hold sights that no other Hawaiian island can boast of. And the beaches are colors you've probably never seen.                                                                                         

2. Rendezvous Bay: Anguilla

Travelers flock to Anguilla for its stunning scenery, soft beaches and amazing culinary experiences. Rendezvous Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, with powder white sand, striking turquoise waters and amazing views of St. Marten. Rendezvous Bay beach is perhaps the best of all Anguilla beaches to walk. The bay is a perfect sweep of soft white sand. On the Caribbean sea side of Anguilla, Rendezvous Bay gives you a breath taking view of St. Martin. No matter where you look, though, while you walk, the eye always seems to be pleased.
The water is clear and that perfect turquoise we all love, sun bright and sand soft. But, there is one problem with this beach which you will see later on...

3. Orange Beach: Alabama

Orange Beach is a family-friendly destination known for its affordable rental condos and hotels, laid-back atmosphere and to-die-for white sand beaches. Families stay near the water so they can plan lazy beach days and trips to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo.Orange Beach is a small city on Alabama's Gulf Coast. It's known as a water sports hub. Located on Wolf Bay, Waterfront Park has a fishing pier and picnic areas. The Orange Beach Indian & Sea Museum explores Native American and fishing history. To the west, The Wharf is a shopping area with an amphitheater. The Back-country Trail winds from the city through Gulf State Park's beaches in the nearby city of Gulf Shores.

4. White Bay Beach: Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

White Bay Beach in the British Virgin Islands is home to more than gorgeous powdery sands – it's also home to the Soggy Dollar Beach Bar where you can order a famous "Pain Killer" rum punch cocktail (it's where the drink originated). Curl up in a lounge chair with your drink to enjoy the scenery and the party.On southern Jost Van Dyke, White Bay is one of the best beaches to relax with a drink in hand. Convenient to Great Harbor, nearly all the island's bars and several beach side cottages and villas, White Bay is almost always buzzing with activity. Many independent yachts and boats dock out in the water and passengers swim or dinghy to shore. The actual beach part of the area offers plenty of room for travelers to lay down their towels or set up their chairs to sunbathe, whereas the bars are a more rowdy party scene. Local joints like Soggy Dollar or One Love Bar and Grill have reasonably priced burgers and bar fare, but you can also get especially potent drinks. Ask for a painkiller, a coconut, pineapple and orange juice concoction drowning in dark rum and topped off with a little nutmeg: Rumor has, this drink got its start on Jost Van Dyke.

5. Kabak Beach: Turkey

Kabak’s been a part of our life for a long time, but it’s definitely fair to say that since around 2012, the area’s kind of taken hold of us and we’ve fallen for it in a bigger way. If we’re to look back to try and pinpoint why we’ve got such an affection for here, it’s probably got to be when we went to stay overnight at the Olive Garden in Kabak.