Top 5 goal scorer of all time

Top 5 highest goal scorers of all time in history:

1. Josef Bican

He is the number one goal scorer of all time in the world. He was a Austria and cech republican citizen. He is top in score of goal in soccer life. He scores outstanding 805 goals in his 530 appearance in 1931-1955.

2. Romário

The top second leading scorer of all time in football history. He is a Brazilian footballer. He scores 772 goals in his 994 matches in 1985-2007.

3. Pelé

 Pele is a Brazilian professional player. He is regarded by many in the sport. He scores 767 in his 831 matches in 1957-1977. He is also in top 5 football player in the world.

4. Ferenc Puskás

Puskás was a Hungarian footballer and manager, widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. He scores 746 goals in his 754 matches in 1943-1966. So he is also in top 5 goal scorer in the world ever.

5. Gerd Müller

He is a German prestigious striker of all time. He win Ballon d'Or, European Golden shoe.
He scores 735 goals in his 793 matches in  1962-1991. He is the player also top 5 goal scorer.